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5 Tips For Waist Training Beginners

Modern Waist trainer

There are a lot of different things you can use to really sculpt your body.Even if it’s temporary,but they can really make permanent change to your body.Waist Trainer is one of good body shaper garment.Modern Waist trainer are not dangerous and will not harm your body.But how to start your waist trainer journey?In this article,we will talk about 5 tips for waist training beginners.

1.How To Choose Waist Trainer?

Depending On Your Goals To Choose Waist Trainer.

There are many different kinds of waist trainer.You maybe confused and don’t know which one you need.Different waist trainers are suitable for you depending on what your goals are for waist training.Because everyone try to wear waist trains for different reason.Not all person just wear it to get an hourglass figure,some people are doing for postures,some people are for back pain.Some people are doing a fitness bands.

There’s many different reasons.So here is link for you in the description a quiz.A quiz that I made that’s going to help you determine which waist trainer is best fit for you,so you don’t get confused.

2.How to measure yourself?

To make sure waist trainer is gonna fit you,do not skip this part.You have to measure yourself.

It is wrong that you buy waist trainer based on the clothing size.How do you know if it’s too big?How do you know if it’s too small?

You really need to measure yourself to make sure that it’s going to fit properly.Because if a waist trainer doesn’t fit you,it’s not going to do anything.I highly recommend you go out and buy a measuring tape.Don’t use one of those constructions ones that are rigid,you want to use a loose measuring tape.And you want to measure around your waistline which is the smallest part of your waist.Torso length is from under your bust down to around your pubic area.That measurement is to determine how long you want your waist trainer.Then you can send your waist measurement and your torso measurement to our email and ask for sizing recommendation.We will help evaluate your size.If you can send a picture from the front and the side of your stomach,It’s really going to help us determine the best size for you.If you don’t do that,you can ask for size chart.

3.How Long Should You Wear Your Waist Trainer?

If you’re beginners,I recommend up to two hours and no more than two hours on first day.Just stick to two hours the next day,you can increase that by one hour if you feel comfortable.If you don’t feel comfortable,you stay at the two hours.You continuously increase that and then on the eighth day,you can increase it up to eight hours.The maximum time I would recommend wearing a waist trainers for eight hours.You’re going to see result within those eight hours.

It’s really important that you remember to listen to your body if you feel pain.You want to continue using the waist trainer,it should never be a painful experience and you should feel good and comfortable.If there’s pain,something can be wrong.Just be aware of that.

4.How To Wash Waist Trainer Well?

Highly recommend that you hand wash the waist trainer.You are basically going to sweat on them.They’re not going to have dirt.Because waist trainer are typically worn under your clothes,you can wear them on top,but most people wear them underneath.So it’s just sweat.You just fill up your sink with some lukewarm water and some soft detergent,then let it soak for 10-15 minutes.At last, rinse it out and let it air dry.

If you have to use a washing machine,please put waist trainer inside of garment bag to protect it ,use cold water and soft detergent.Because we find that waist trainer hooks can get caught in the machine and they can rip off if you use machine wash. 

  • Commit To Wear Waist Trainer For At Least 30 Days

As a beginner,if you’re going to invest in a waist trainer promise,it is better to wear it for thirty days.Some people buy waist trainer,they wear it for a week and may not see results.So they lose motivation and enthusiasm, they discontinue to wear.

But every thought will work differently.Everyone sees results at a different rate,some people see result within the first week,some people take thirty days to see result.So allow yourself thirty day time before you decide if you want to continue or not.Please keep that in mind,give it a chance.Nothing real happens overnight.You will see amazing results if you actually commit to it.

But it is still difficult for you to insist on wearing waist trainer. I would recommend that you need to be part of a support community,it would really encourage you to continue with training.It would motivate you.Have you ever felt like this?

Thanks for your reading,and wish it is helpful for your waist training journey.If you like,please select like and share,so you can help more people in your connection.

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