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Waist Trainer Q&A || Clearing Doubts

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We were extremely shocked about negative assumptions and opinions about waist trainer.It is because you always see the extreme sides of them.You don’t see how it can be super helpful and beneficial.If you do too much or go to extremes,it can be dangerous.Anything that you do too much of can be dangerous,there can be consequences.So how you are supposed to go about it,and how you’re not supposed to go about it.That’s why I decide to write this article.I am going to answer some common questions and assumptions right here right now regarding our 8 year’s waist trainer business experience.

Q:I heard waist trainers mold your ribs over time to shape a more snatched waist.

Does it affect any bone structure?

They mess up your organs?

They squish your organs?

They crushes your ribs?

A:There’s a difference between corsets and waist trainers.Waist trainers will not crush your ribs,will not squish your organs and will not rearrange your organs.Waist trainers are with flexible steel bones,so they’re not like super rigid.You can move around,and that’s not strong enough.It’s not powerful enough to do that to your bones and your organs.So it is not true that is unhealthy for you to mess with your bones and your organs.If you’re doing it too much,maybe,you know,if you’re not supposed to be wearing at 24/7 every single day.

Q:how uncomfortable is it?

A:It can be uncomfortable because the one is wrong size for you.Waist trainers have a short torso,medium torso and long torso length.It’s very kind to your body.I have got a small one in the past but the length was uncomfortable to wear,because it was too long for me,like squeezing all the way up,and then squeezing all the way down.I couldn’t sit at all with it.It’s not uncomfortable if you get the right size.It’s obviously not like you’re wearing a t-shirt comfortable.But you don’t want to be wearing this all day long and more than eight hours a day.It is just something that is holding you together.It shouldn’t be painful or uncomfortable.

Q:They are addictive,and you can become reliant on them.

A:I would say everyone is different.It’s supposed to do like the 30 days challenge every day. And then after that,you can wear it two days or two times a week,I would not say I’ve become reliant on it.I wear it like five hours or two hours one day.But i don’t think they are addictive or you can become reliant on them because you’re not supposed to wear them 24/7.

Q:Will I get results if I just wear it during the day walking no exercise?

A:yeah,Walking is exercise for’re not supposed to just sit down or lay down all day.If you wear it doing some walking,if you wear it during work,if you’re wearing it while doing chores around the house for sure.You don’t have to do any crazy exercise.

Q:Once you stop wearing them,you lose the effect?

A: I feel like everyone is different.I got comment from our customers,they said they stopped wearing it and it actually they kept the figure.If you’re truly dedicated,you can wear it time and time again,like you won’t just completely stop wearing it forever.

Q:It makes your booty pop?

A:yeah,It actually accentuates your hip dips when you’re sitting.Obviously,it’s either pushing the fat up or the fat down.

Q:Is it safe to wear the whole day?

A:You’re not supposed to wear it the whole day.You’re supposed to wear it for a maximum of eight hours.

Q:How many hours a day do you wear your waist trainer?

A:I would say no more than eight hours and don’t wear it when you sleep.I suggest to wear it at least four to five hours and most eight hours.

Q:Do they actually work?

A:I got lots of comment from our customers.Waist trainers really do work and I’ve known that they work for a really long time.It’s just that you have to stay consistent with it and be dedicated to wearing them,because if you don’t wear them,you won’t see results.They definitely do work. If you continue the training journey in waist size down,you will see a lot more drastic results.It does take time.

Q:Do you wear the waist trainer while workingout or change to a sweat band?

A:Suggest to wear the sweat band when workout.Fitness belt is super stretching out with bone structure.And you can take it off super fast.

Q:Do waist trainers leave a temporary look?

A:It definitely gives you more snatched look.You know,it’s a little,a little bit of difference over time.

Q: Waist ratio is completely genetic.

A:That is true.Everyone in my family have square bodies.We have very broad shoulders and then waist to hip ratio is pretty similar,and that’s why we cannot get snatched waist with just exercise and diet.That’s because that is genetic.Our bodies are square,so that’s why waist trainer is a tool to help sculpt your body.

Waist trainers do for your back ,your spine and good posture.But it’s not something that your body will rely on because you’re not supposed to wear it all the time.You can wear it for postpartum belly and for regular shaping.You can wear for a lot of different reasons.But don’t wear one that’s too small for you as it can be a little dangerous in that sense.Don’t wear too long one,maybe it’s very uncomfortable.

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